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a webring for animal people!

this is a webring for therians and otherkin, zoos, furries, or anyone else who feels particularly connected with non-human animals and makes it a key feature of their site.

if you would like to join, add the following links to your page (style them however you'd like, and replace 'sitename' with your own site name):
<a href="">back</a>
<a href="">random</a>
<a href="">animalia webring</a>
<a href="">next</a>
then please send an email to the animalia webring administrator (lav) at [email protected] [PGP] with the following information:

• email:
• site name (the one you used for the links):
• site url:
• a short description of your site:

your provided email will not be hosted or shared, it will only be used in case i need to get in touch with you.

alternatively, reach out to me on mastodon with the same info.

don't have a site yet? check out some of these resources to get started!!


• you need your own website for this, and you must display the webring script somewhere on your site for it to function properly. carrds are ok assuming you can add the webring script, and it has content beyond just links/redirects.

• no commercial websites. websites will be screened prior to entry, and may not be company run or primarily commercial, nor should there be heavy monetization or analytics. personal sites with self promotion (i.e. artists posting about commissions on their sites) are allowed and encouraged.

• no real life exploitative/abusive content, or any generative machine learning model derived imagery which may emulate this.

• no calls for violence toward groups/individuals, abject hate speech or bigotry, etc. ring moderation will be largely paws-off otherwise.

• the opinions of webring members are not necessarily shared by the webmaster, or others in the webring. if you don't like the site content, don't go to the site.

• if the presence of a site that you don't like being shared in the webring is an untenable situation to you as a member, you're welcome to message the webmaster to leave the webring at any time.

• curate your own web browsing experience, don't leave it in others paws! you know what you like and dislike best, and have the best tools to engage with or avoid what you want to.

  1. lavender
  2. cpnk
  3. lockely fox
  4. [email protected]