You sit down at the fireside...

i can narrate while you're visiting... im lavender, by the way :3

these are the woods i inhabit,
i like to call it the uji forest,
but you may come to find these trees
mean something else to you.

feel free to look around while you're here. ^-^
i set this spot up to be a little resting place in case anyone happened upon it on their way.

this place is something of a reflection of myself.
it will change along with me.
all things are impermanent and thus this place will change.
feel free to come back whenever
things may not be as they were before ;3

if youre planning on staying for a bit, though...
my journal is sitting on the log next to the fire.
you can take a look if you'd like, i might even update it ;P

enjoy your time here, and help yourself
to the tea and coffee.
if youre burning the midnight oil, sometimes taking a little break out here helps with focus.
its nice to sit back and just watch.

theres no race here,
the only clocks are the sun and moon.

hi there :P

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