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making a website

fleeing a rapidly deteriorating centralized platform?
ever wanted to learn how to make your own site?
check out some of these sites to get started!

diy resources description resources the 32 bit cafe masterlist of diy personal web resources, loaded with tools, free layouts, graphics, etc. great way to get started with a simple diy static site, has a (brief) tutorial and in browser editor. html/css sadness at has a great tutorial on basic html/css to build a site. webmastery she also has some good resources for existing webmasters.
cheap vps list cheap and vetted (not a scam at least) places to host a site or other services where used to be hosted before self-hosting! terms are fairly restrictive (all "pornographic media"?), but i didn't have issues there; ymmv.
site builders/generators description really simple site builder, but needs to be hosted through them, and content terms are vague.
boxboxhtml simple way to create a box oriented layout, has instructions and comments in the generated html to make adding content easy!
layout builder a pretty nice looking drag and drop layout builder, can't find much about it though.
sadness' layout builder' an even simpler, but slightly less feature rich site builder from sadness on neocities. more options for static site generators than you could possibly ever want


website link description
werelibrary huge collection of therian resources and writing, personal blogs, etc
thébaïde excellent writings on therianthropy from akhila my home mastodon instance, therian focused, very chill
therian guide a classic forum and a resource that's been around a long time


website link description
internet archive totally essential backup of tons of the internet that isn't otherwise available anymore
marginalia search an indie web search engine that gives you real results instead of llm garbage
CARI institute showcase of cool nostalgic aesthetic trends sick game?/vn?/experience?
gaping maws someone really into mawshots of all kinds of animals, lots of TEETH
vimm's lair huge collection of safe and tested game roms and emulators
erowid psychoactives, lots about them!